Ace of Spades Clone November 2015 - April 2016

GitHub release (latest by date)

"Ace of Spades Clone" is my personal recreation of the game Ace of Spades Classic.

Back in my senior year of high school, each of the students were allowed to work on personal projects throughout the school year. I decided to work on a single year-long project, of recreating the game: Ace of Spades Classic. Ace of Spades Classic is a sandbox team-based voxel-based first-person shooter. My aim was to recreate as much of that as I could in the time I had.

Since I'm not much of an artist, I did use some textures and recreated some models from the OpenSpades project.


If you would like to play around with the game by yourself or with friends, you can download a binary release of the game here. The game's world editor is also included, so you can even create your own maps to play on!


  • Language: C#
  • Graphics API: OpenGL 4
  • Window API: GLFW 3
  • Game Engine: DashEngine (my custom engine)


When I had stopped working on the game in April 2016, the game featured:

  • Online Multiplayer up to 24 players
  • 3 Maps
  • 2 Gamemodes
    • CTF (capture the flag)
    • TDM (team deathmatch)
  • Each weapon/tool available in the classic game (no classes though, everyone had every item)

Since leaving high school, I've made various improvements over the years to the game such as:

  • Voxel lighting (caves/indoors get darker further from the outside)
  • Sounds (from OpenSpades)
  • Networking improvements


The map "Foundry".
The map "The Forest".
Showcase of the new voxel lighting added after the final school version of the game.
Early CTF (capture the flag) test.
Network test of the CTF (capture the flag) gamemode.
Testing the ability to place down blocks.
Early screenshot of the game using SSAO (screen space ambient occlusion), the final game used AO baked right into the voxels.
Early screenshot of the engine's shadow rendering capabilities.
Final fixed version of the voxel AO (ambient occlusion).
A house a friend of mine built during an early playtest.
Birds-eye view of the game's first map.
Ground-view of the first map.
The first map after a long multiplayer playtest.
Ground-view of the first map after a playtest.
In-editor view of the game's third map.
Top-down view of the game's third map, showing the spawn points and intel locations (for capture the flag).
Very early multiplayer test.
Multiplayer test for flashlights.
Twenty player network stress test. You can see in the background, automating 20 clients to start is much more efficient. ;)
Very early flashlight test.
Testing the map editor with some simple pixel art.
Pixel art of Link done by a friend during a very early playtest.